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Ellie – QLD Australia

Just Face It serum and Anti Aging Facial Cream

(2 weeks use)

Ellie had been getting red pimples around her chin and was most concerned about her overall uneven skin tone.

After two weeks using the ‘Just Face It’ serum each morning, and the ‘Youth Antidote’ each night she saw a drastic change in her complexion and her pimples had completely healed.


Hellen – NSW, Australia

Anti Aging Facial Cream

(2 weeks use)

Hellen told us she had been suffering from acne flare-ups and has PCOS which has made it near impossible to find a product that actually works for her.

After reading about our founder (who also has PCOS) she decided to give our Youth Antidote a go. After just two weeks, her blemishes are almost completely gone. This is the first product that has been able to help clear up Hellen’s skin.

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Nathan – NSW, Australia

Just Face It serum

(1 week use)

Nathan came to us concerned about the eczema on the back of his leg as he was struggling to find a solution.

After one week using the ‘Just Face It’ serum, this was his result. Safe to say Nathan is very happy with his purchase.

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Sally – QLD, Australia

Just Face It serum

(3 weeks use)

Sally had been suffering from redness, bumpy skin and sore red pimples for months.

After three weeks using the ‘Just Face It’ serum her pimples have cleared up, her skin is noticeably more smooth and her complexion has completely evened out.



Anti Aging Facial Cream

(3 weeks use)

Amy suffered from acne breakouts but was delighted with the results after using Youth Antidote for 3 weeks.



Clayshake Cleanser and Anti Aging Facial Cream

From day one I noticed a difference in my skin texture and completion. I noticed that I wasn’t blotchy or red around my cheeks and forehead.

My skin looked and felt cleaner, even my pores looked smaller around my  forehead and that was a problem area for me. Even when putting my makeup on it looked so much smoother!

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