Natural Skincare Ingredients To Look For

Ok so by now we know that natural and organic skin care products are much better for us. Everyone is talking about using skincare without any nasty ingredients, but what are the good ingredients that we should actually be looking for? Here are a few of our fave ingredients, and what they do for your skin.

Grapefruit peel oil

This one is our absolute favourite ingredient to use in skincare products. It naturally has such a beautiful smell to it, so you don’t have to add any fragrance to the product to make it smell nice. Side note – many products that say natural fragrance on their label can mean up to 3,000 different ingredients… so really, you don’t even know what they have put in the product. Be wary of products that don’t actually state what specific ingredient they have used.

Peppermint oil

We loooove Peppermint oil in skincare. Not only can it be added as a fragrant because it’s so refreshing, but it also has healing benefits. Peppermint oil has toning, softening, calming and anti-inflammatory effects on skin which is a great way to naturally soften your complexion. This ingredient also has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties!

Jojoba oil

Our founder loves using this oil in our products as it mimics human sebum. Sebum is produced by our skins Sebaceous gland and it’s purpose is to protect the skin from losing moisture. Jojoba oil also contains a large amount of vitamin E which can have anti-aging effects too. Win!

Natural Vanilla

This ingredient is actually the same as what is used in baked goods! Not only does it smell amazing, but it can also reduce acne, heal wounds and prevent signs of aging.

Australian Clay

Ok, this ingredient isn’t very standard in skincare products, but we just love to use it in the PamBam range so we had to give it a special mention. It has so many healing benefits and it’s unique to Australia which we also love.

Natural Oils

A good general tip is to look for natural oils in your skincare products as these usually have the best effects on skin. Aside from the previously mentioned oils, we also love Rosehip oil, Coconut oil and camellia oleifera seed oil best – all these oils contain amazing benefits.

We hope this guide has given you some good insight into types of natural ingredients to look for in your skincare. Unfortunately, there are some brands out there claiming to be selling natural products, but when you look into the ingredients you discover synthetic and potentially harmful ingredients. This makes us pretty mad! We take great pride in creating our little tubs of goodness and work hard to keep our products natural while making sure they still produce amazing results. It takes us months to create and test our products because they are so natural which makes it hard to find a good natural preservative that will go with the ingredients. This is where most brands will add in a synthetic alternative.

Every one of our products is created to serve a benefit that will help to heal your skin in the most natural way possible. Simply put… this shit works! Take a look at some of our customers before and after photo’s here.